What Are Aftermarket Auto Parts?

What Are Aftermarket Auto Parts?

The aftermarket auto parts are a part of the secondary market of the automotive industry, which primarily focuses on manufacturing, distribution, retailing, remanufacturing, and installation of vehicle parts, accessories, and equipment, post the sales of the automobile by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to the consumer. The parts which are up for sale might or might not be produced by the OEM. 

The aftermarket includes the parts for replacement, collision, performance, and appearance. It offers different types of parts possessing various prices and qualities for mostly all vehicles and models. 

These aftermarket parts are those parts which usually are not made by the 

original car manufacturer. These parts are manufactured by third party companies and are mostly manufactured to fit exactly the same and also to work well, sometimes even better than the OEM parts. 

Some of these parts are- 

1. LED headlights- By providing two times as much light than a standard halogen bulb, these headlights dramatically improve visibility on the road and help to avoid accidents. Ballast and heat sink power for these are 70W. Moreover, it lasts 5 times longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs.

2. 2/3/4 Door Power Window kit – This power window kit allows windows in vehicles with manual handles to be opened and closed. It also has an auto window closer installed, which closes the window when the car is locked.

3. Car mobile charger- A car mobile charger allows you to charge your phone while driving. It has a rapid charger, it doesn't overcharge, it has dual ports that are really powerful, and it is compact.

4. Fog Lamp-. Scratch-and-break resistant fog lamp is constructed in a way that improves visibility. It is easy to install, and the reflector has a plasma coating.

5. Vacuum cleaner and tyre inflator- . A vacuum cleaner can help you clean the car in hard-to-reach places, while the tyre inflator can assist you fill up flat tyres.

The vacuum cleaner includes a power suction motor of 100W and a digital gauge that measures 150 PSI.

It is user-friendly and portable, as well as compact.

6. Camera square- This HD-quality moving line camera offers dynamic moving lines to help the driver see while backing up. Installing it is simple, and the video RC cable is 20 feet long, has a 140 degree wide angle lens, is highly weather resistant, and does not fog up during downpours or storms.

These auto aftermarket parts are easily available on an e-commerce website called RD Overseas. RD Overseas is a car accessory brand which has some great accessories available. The prices are very reasonable and the quality is top notch. Do tryout these wonderful accessories! 

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