What Are The Car Accident Preventive Accessories Available In The Market?

What Are The Car Accident Preventive Accessories Available In The Market?

In 2022, India recorded 1,55,622 road accidental deaths. Car accidents have become very normal these days where it might or might not be your fault. Ever thought how to save yourself from one or at least use necessary precautions to lessen the damage? 

We bring to you various accessories you can install in your car to either help you be more careful or potentially save you from an accident. A few of these accessories are- 

1. Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) - A tyre burst can potentially kill someone and to prevent that this system was introduced. 

- It tells the tyre pressure and temperature

- It beeps to alert the driver

- It gives a warning for low air or air leakage problem 

- It has a solar powered multi-colour display


2. Driver sleep alarm- This was introduced to warn the person driving the car who feels sleepy. 

- It gives a 2 stage warning alarm

- It detects fatigue with sunglasses

- It starts beeping to wake the driver up even on the slightest signs of sleeping

- It has an adjustable camera angle 


3. LED white headlights- These headlights have a bright light power of 120W. 

- These run 5 times longer than usual

- These give a very day-time like feel even in dark areas 

- These are IP 67 waterproof

- These have a super wide angle


4. Tyre inflator- The portable tyre inflator helps in inflating flat tyres. 

- The vacuum cleaner has a power suction motor of 100W

-  It has a 150 PSI digital gauge 

- It is compact and has a portable design

- It is user-friendly 

5. Fog Lamp- This fog lamp is unbreakable and scratch resistant. It is designed in such a manner that it enhances visibility thereby preventing accidents. It has a hassle-free fitment and a plasma coating on the reflector. 

These were the accessories one can majorly use to prevent an accident from taking place. These accessories along with various other accessories are available on an e-commerce website called RD Overseas. RD Overseas has the best kind of accessories available on their website and according to customers’ feedback- the accessories never fail to amaze them because of their quality and durability. Happy safe driving!


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