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TF 979A Reverse Parking System

TF 979A Reverse Parking System

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RD TF-979A is an LED based parking sensor with the most slim display and has multi colour modes with option of human voice based guidance or three stage beep alerts along with digital display of distance of obstacle from the car.


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  • LED Based Parking Sensor

    RD TF-979A is equipped with LED technology for its parking sensor system, providing accurate obstacle detection.

  • Multi-Color Modes and Guidance Options

    The device offers multiple color modes and provides the option of human voice-based guidance or three-stage beep alerts, making it convenient for users to choose their preferred notification method.

  • Slim Display

    The parking sensor comes with an ultra-slim display, which adds a sleek and unobtrusive look to your car's interior.

Frequently Asked Questions For TF 979A Reverse Parking System

What type of sensor technology does RD TF-979A use for parking assistance?

RD TF-979A uses LED-based sensor technology for accurate parking assistance.

How does the slim display benefit users?

The slim display of RD TF-979A adds a modern and discreet look to your car's interior.

What are the color modes available on the display?

RD TF-979A offers multiple color modes on its display for clear and easy-to-understand notifications.

What kind of guidance options are available with this parking sensor?

The parking sensor offers two guidance options: human voice-based guidance and three-stage beep alerts.

How does the human voice-based guidance work?

With human voice-based guidance, the parking sensor system verbally informs the driver about the distance of the obstacle from the car.

How does the three-stage beep alert system work?

The three-stage beep alerts provide different beep tones to indicate the proximity of obstacles, with beeps getting faster as the car gets closer to the obstacle.