Functions in the day as well as night

Driving a vehicle for long distances can be exhausting. Driver Fatigue Alarm helps you avoid falling asleep at the wheel. RD Overseas has developed a unique driver fatigue alarm that helps you focus.

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a drive of technology that keeps you ahead

driver fatigue alarm

technology that gives you 2X benefits

The Driver Fatigue Alarm gives you 2X benefits. The first benefit is that it helps you avoid car accidents that occur when you are tired. Additionally, it helps you stay focused by letting you know when you look distracted or exhausted

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11000 LM For Daylight
Like Brightness

The RD X800 H4 has an 11000 LM that, like the sun, spreads light even in the darkest places.

Daytime Light

The RD X800 H4 has 11000 lumens, which is bright enough to illuminate the dark, empty roads and creates the illusion of daytime.

car led headlight

Technology That Makes Life Pressure-Free

The RD Tyre Pressure Monitoring System uses wireless transmission to display real-time tyre pressure and temperature. It can aid in the prevention of accidents caused by low air pressure or a flat tyre. It also improves fuel efficiency, tyre life, and traffic safety, and also aids in the prevention of abnormal wear on vehicle parts.

Solar Power And USB Charging

The RD Tyre Pressure Monitoring System includes a solar power enabled function that gives it the ability to get the monitor powered by the sun, as well as by a USB charger in case the solar power fails.

Fast Leakage Warning

The monitor includes an air leakage warning, which aids in the prevention of flat tyres, thereby preventing accidents.

High-Temperature Alert

The monitor includes a warning that alerts the driver to rising tyre temperatures, which can cause a blowout.

High & Low Pressure Warning

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring system monitors all of your vehicle's tyres and alerts you if any of them are under or over-inflated.

A Must-Have Before You Drive Out

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) from RD Overseas alerts you when your vehicles tyre pressure is low or about to go flat. By assisting you in maintaining proper tyre pressure, TPMS can improve your driving safety by improving vehicle handling, decreasing tyre wear, reducing braking distance, and improving fuel economy.

tyre pressure monitoring system

Technology With Sense

All the data of each tyre is sent to a centralized control module, where it is analyzed, interpreted, and, if tyre pressure is lower than it should be, transmitted directly to the monitor, where the underlying problem is illuminated. All of this information is typically transmitted wirelessly by a direct tyre pressure monitor. Each sensor has its serial number. This is how the system distinguishes itself not only from other vehicles' systems but also from pressure readings for each tyre.

Technology That Changes Your Life

The RD MC 6 is a multi-port car charger with two USB ports. You can charge two phones at the same time using one 2.1A port and one 1A port. The charger includes smart charge technology, which protects your device's battery from overcharging and provides adequate current for a safe and quick charge.

experince the power of innovative mobile car charger

Charge Your Device Safely

The RD MC 6, an innovative Car Mobile Charger, features smart charge technology, which protects your device's battery from overcharging and overheating, resulting in a safe and quick charge.

A Must-Have Before You Drive Out

A portable charger is essential for keeping your electronics charged while travelling. The RD MC 6 provides peace of mind if your device's charge runs out during long journeys. It is a multi-port charger, so you can charge two devices at once.It also includes smart charge technology, which protects your device's battery from overcharging.

Car Mobile Charger