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Car Charger MC-12 With 3 In 1 Cable

Car Charger MC-12 With 3 In 1 Cable

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  1. 12v DC Power source 
  2. Charges your device safely 
  3. Makes sure your device gets proper ampere 
  4. Does not harm the device battery 
  5. USB Universal Charger 
  6. Output 5V / 3.4A 
  7. 2 USB Ports available 
  8. Comes with iPhone, Android & Type C charging cable 
  9. 12 Months warranty 
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  • Dual Compatibility:

    The car charger is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, allowing you to charge various smartphones and tablets, regardless of their operating system.

  • Fast Charging Technology:

    Experience rapid charging with the car charger's advanced technology, which delivers optimal charging speed to your devices, saving you time on the road.

  • Multiple Ports:

    The car charger comes equipped with multiple USB ports, enabling you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, making it convenient for both you and your passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions For Car Charger (Android / iPhone)

Can I charge both Android and iPhone devices simultaneously with this car charger?

Yes, the car charger is designed with dual compatibility, allowing you to charge both Android and iPhone devices at the same time using their respective charging cables.

Will this car charger work with other USB-powered devices, such as Tablets or Bluetooth speakers?

Absolutely! The car charger's multiple USB ports make it suitable for charging various USB-powered devices, including tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

Does the car charger support fast charging for all devices?

While the car charger is equipped with fast charging technology, the charging speed may vary depending on the device's compatibility. Most recent Android and iPhone models will benefit from fast charging.

Is there any safety feature to protect my devices from overcharging or overheating?

Absolutely! The car charger is equipped with advanced safety features, including overcurrent protection and temperature control, to ensure the safety of your devices while charging in your car.

Is the car charger suitable for use in different car models, including trucks and SUVs?

Yes, the car charger is universally compatible and can be used in all types of vehicles with a standard car outlet.

Is the car charger durable and built to last?

Yes, this car chargers are generally built with durable materials to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance.